Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HERE WE GO! Seth & Kristin On The PCT!

If you are visiting this website for the first time, you are finding out that we have decided to virtually vanish from society for approximately 6 months in the Summer of 2012 and thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  If you have not heard of the trail before, this may not seem like much. However, upon further exploration of our journal (and a bit of googling around) you, like we did over two years ago, will begin to fully understand the daunting task that is the PCT. 
If you are current family or friend, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world are these two thinking?”  But trust us, there is nothing you are thinking or are going to think about this adventure that we haven’t already thought of ourselves.  We think (humor intended). 
The decision to take a journey that demands as much time, commitment, training, resources, etc. that the PCT does was not one we have taken lightly. 
SO, first of all we’d like to say to our families………We promise, it’s all going to be ok! 
After first reading about the PCT two and a half years ago we were ready to go then!  But after further research and things like graduations and jobs getting in the way, we were forced to put it on the back burner.  But now, with our diplomas on the wall, rings on our fingers, and our jobs becoming a little more soul crushing each day, we’ve decided to say, “The Hell With It!” We are going to step out on the trail and actually live life while it’s still there to live and enjoy.  It won’t be glamorous or relaxing (all the time).  It’s going to be difficult, hot, cold, windy, wet and dry.  But it will also be personally fulfilling and an opening to the next chapter in our life together.
On this website we will chronicle our preparation for the PCT and once out on the trail we will continue to keep a journal of all our experiences along the way.  Leading up to our big departure, we will share everything from gear selection, food preparation, what we will do with our possessions while we are gone, and training hikes.
Many of you will more than likely not know everything there is to know about the PCT, so check out our PCT Facts section of the site to become more familiar with some of the interesting factoids about the trail.  Some of the sections of the site are not finished yet, and more than likely never will be.  They will continue to grow as our trip grows closer, and even more once we have left.  We are looking forward to all your support, and stay tuned, it’s sure to be an interesting adventure!