Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gearly There!

Thanks to our wonderful family (a.k.a. Santa), we are closer than ever to finally nailing down all of our gear selections for the trail.

From going with us to try on clothes, to throwing generous "donations" our way, the support we have received from our family has really made this trip possible for us. And just in case we haven't said it enough......

So after countless hours of research, reading hundreds of reviews, navigating website after website and coming to know a few delivery men by their first name, the final pieces of gear for our thru-hike are on their way. We will be sure to post a FULL gear list including weights and costs of everything we'll be taking soon. In the meantime, we've posted some funny pictures of one of our first large deliveries (needless to say, we were excited)!

 See Mom, everything will be OK.

Gear and cheap champagne - Best New Year's Eve ever!