Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forester Pass

June 11th, 2012
Day 72
Today's Miles: 17.5 (+1 Mile Extra Credit)

A little stiff from our Whitney side trip, we woke up with a big day ahead of us. We were going over THE Forester Pass today! We headed out and quickly hiked the 1 mile back to the PCT from where we had camped in Crabtree Meadow and were headed North once again. Par for everyday in the Sierra so far, the morning was filled with nothing but spectacular views.

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Looking back toward Mt. Whitney.

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After a quick break about 7 miles in we began the approach to Forester Pass. It was a long gradual climb for the first few miles winding through an exposed rocky area spotted with lakes.

You might be able to see the pass in the picture above. It's the one with some snow still left in the chute.

Once we hit the base of the pass we started up a series of switchbacks that gave us a view of where we had hiked up from.

Me from a switchback above!

Looking up at the pass, almost there!

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Once we had reached the top of the pass we took a few minutes to relish the climb, and to take in the views.

Looking back South.

Looking North.

Looking straight down where we climbed up from.

Me enjoying the Southern view.

After our quick break at the pass, we started heading down. There was a little snow but barely enough to slow us down.

The views on this side of the pass were gorgeous, both looking back at the pass as well as over the meadows below.

Once down in the meadows below the pass we were surrounded by huge rocky cliffs that seemed to have waterfalls every few steps.

See the waterfall?

We hiked about 4 miles down from the pass and found an awesome campsite near a river about PCT mile 784.5. Oh, did I mention the campsite had a waterfall too!?!?

Tomorrow we will head out over Kearsarge Pass to Onion Valley to pick up some food for the next 5 days. It looks to be a day of climbing but no doubt as beautiful as the last week on the trail.


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