Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pictures in Bishop

June 13th, 2012
Day 74
Today's Miles: 0

We got into Bishop somewhat late yesterday and split a room with Camshaft at the Vagabond Inn. After running a couple errands before all the businesses shut down here in town, we all crashed.

This morning we had to wait until the local camera place opened to walk down and find out if they could offload all of our pictures from the iPhone to a thumb drive. Luckily they could but it would take several hours. We were willing to wait and some of Camshaft's packages didn't arrive at the Independence post office (one of which is a replacement pack for his Osprey), so we all got a room for tonight as well and decided to zero.

Unfortunately we don't have many pictures of our stay here due to the fact that our phone was completely full when we arrived and then tied up for most of the day while offloading our pictures. But while we waited, Tailgate, Camshaft and myself enjoyed a EUFA soccer game on ESPN followed by the Yankees and Braves (when it's just me and two guys I tend to be overruled on these choices).

We are hoping Camshaft's pack and other packages arrive tomorrow so that when we are passing through Independence on our way back up to Onion Valley, however we're going to get there, we can pick them up.

We do apologize for the flurry of updates to our blog, but up to this point we have had spotty service and it seems like whenever we do have service we are on top of a pass or mountain and don't want to spend the time there on the phone. But thank you to everyone for their support, it really means a lot to know people out there are rooting for us!


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